The Benefits of Hard Armor

If you are in a combat situation, hard armor can protect you from a deadly swarm of bullets. Unlike soft armor, which is flexible and easy to put on and take off, hard armor is made to withstand high-powered rifle ammunition. The difference between hard and soft body armor is the type of threat they are intended to protect you from, and the materials used in these products differ. Here are some examples of the benefits of wearing hard armor. Continue reading The Benefits of Hard Armor

The Difference Between Hard and Soft Armor

The difference between hard armor and soft armor lies in the amount of materials used to create it. Since a hard body armour relies on more materials, it is heavier and less flexible than its soft counterpart. However, the advantages of hard body armour far outweigh its drawbacks. Compared to soft body protection, it can protect the user from high-caliber rifles and other weapons and is often more comfortable to wear. This article will discuss the differences between the two types of armor and help you decide which type of protection best suits your needs. Continue reading The Difference Between Hard and Soft Armor

How to Choose the Best Hard Armor Vests

The primary purpose of hard armor is to protect the body against bullets. The most common types are polyethylene and steel. These materials are both extremely dense and thick. As a result, they provide maximum protection while remaining surprisingly light. Depending on the situation, hard plate can be very effective as well as lightweight, but there are some disadvantages to this type of armor. Read on to learn about the best options available for your needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the best hard armor. Continue reading How to Choose the Best Hard Armor Vests

Protect Yourself With a Corrguard Vest or Quadrelease Plate Carrier

Hard armor is the thickest type of body armor, and is never worn as a concealable vest. It is also bulky and leaves weird “printing” lines on clothing. This means that people are always going to notice you wearing the armor underneath your shirt. However, street cops aren’t concerned with this, as they are more interested in detecting small weapons such as a knife. But in combat, people wear hard armor because they expect to face down rifles such as AK-47s and other large-caliber guns. Continue reading Protect Yourself With a Corrguard Vest or Quadrelease Plate Carrier