How to Choose the Best Hard Armor Vests

The primary purpose of hard armor is to protect the body against bullets. The most common types are polyethylene and steel. These materials are both extremely dense and thick. As a result, they provide maximum protection while remaining surprisingly light. Depending on the situation, hard plate can be very effective as well as lightweight, but there are some disadvantages to this type of armor. Read on to learn about the best options available for your needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the best hard armor.

Body armor can be soft or hard depending on the application. Both are effective at stopping bullets, and they both distribute the energy of a round. Soft body armor is flexible, and it will not deform, but hard armor is designed to be very durable. Usually, these types of armor are made of ceramics, steel, or polyethylene, and the most common ones are Kevlar. Vest carriers are made of nylon, and can be purchased separately as well.

When choosing a piece of hard armor, you should first decide the size of the plates you want to wear. While there are no industry standards for the sizes, most people choose a 10″ by 12″ plate. There are other sizes as well. Make sure you match the size chart of the manufacturer. You want the plate to rest on your sternum. If you have a bigger or smaller frame, you might want to buy two pieces of armor.

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