The Benefits of Hard Armor

If you are in a combat situation, hard armor can protect you from a deadly swarm of bullets. Unlike soft armor, which is flexible and easy to put on and take off, hard armor is made to withstand high-powered rifle ammunition. The difference between hard and soft body armor is the type of threat they are intended to protect you from, and the materials used in these products differ. Here are some examples of the benefits of wearing hard armor.

First, you should know what type of hard armor you want to wear. Most hard armor systems consist of two distinct parts: the containing system and the actual plates. The thickness of the armor can depend on the type of climate you live in. Colder weather allows for less protection than hot weather, while hotter climates can make your body armor bulkier. Hard body armor is usually thicker than soft armor. However, there are many types and styles of hard body armor.

The best hard armor plates are those that conform to the shape of your body. For instance, a curved chest plate fits your natural body contour. While a flat back plate may protect your heart, you will probably not feel as comfortable if it fits too tightly around your back. In order to prevent uncomfortable injuries, you should choose the most comfortable armor for your body. If your armor does not cover your nipples, it may not be effective.

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