The Difference Between Hard and Soft Armor

The difference between hard armor and soft armor lies in the amount of materials used to create it. Since a hard body armour relies on more materials, it is heavier and less flexible than its soft counterpart. However, the advantages of hard body armour far outweigh its drawbacks. Compared to soft body protection, it can protect the user from high-caliber rifles and other weapons and is often more comfortable to wear. This article will discuss the differences between the two types of armor and help you decide which type of protection best suits your needs.

The vests come with RAILS buckles that provide an easy-to-use adjustment system. These buckles also have an antimicrobial fabric on the side. The vest also has an interior pocket for a trauma plate and a zippered insert pocket. It is ideal for a wide range of applications and is part of the VIRTUS soldier system used by the UK Army. It is compatible with the DWD Exposine.

In the past, Zylon was commonly used in high-end lightweight vests. However, this material broke down quickly in light, heat and moisture and is not recommended in modern hard armor. This means that if you’re wearing an old vest, it may not be made of Zylon. Make sure to double check its construction before purchasing one. If it does contain Zylon, you should avoid it. It’s not worth the risk (more information).

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